So, I know I was supposed to read Night Circus this week, but instead I decided to read Harry Potter. I've been waiting all semester for an excuse to reread Harry Potter and so, because it was in the summary, I decided to read it.

In Harry Potter there is no question that J.K. Rowling believes that although magic is good, love is far better. This s a weird juxtaposition for the readers as they are introduced to a magical world, and then told something in our normal, boring world is far better. In the story Harry's mother dies to save him, and he eventually dies to save others as well. Many have made this parallel, but the notion of dying to save someone and then living on is essentially christian in nature. This is not so surprising when a lot of Rowling's influences, Tolkien and Lewis, were also very christian.

Another thing that Harry encounters on his adventures is a monster called a Dementor. These cloaked figures can suck out your happiness and soul through their mouth, and leave victims cold and frightful. I found it interesting that when dealing with despair Rowling suggests through the Dementors that there are two options: fond memories and chocolate. Again Rowling uses something we muggles know as just a candy to solve something completely magical in nature.

I will probably post more of this at a later date as I'm still listening through book 3 as of right now.